Welcome to my Yoniverse

Discover your Feminine Radiance


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

 There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.

~ Rumi


Are you also feeling a longing to being fully here, fully embodied, fully expressing all of yourself?


To explore a sensuality that awakens this tingling and sparkle in the body,

that make the cells swing and dance?


  To feel the joy of being alive and fully present with every fiber of you?



You are welcome here, there is Space for You!


To me it is true beauty, when someone is present and palpable as he or she really is.


Let’s enter together a space so vast that is able to hold everything, that contains everything.

And even then has space left space for even more!


A space where something can sink in... like when a seed sinks into the earth...


We bring care, devotion and love and something new will emerge, blossom and thrive...

without having to do it”, just by providing a safe space and allowing it to unfold.


Sometimes you don't even know in advance what it is and you find that it is beautiful not to know...

and to trust nevertheless. Trust that it's good as it is. Everything.

No mistake.

It's OK and allowed to be.



I am a Soul Midwife, Wisdom Keeper and Healer of the Feminine with fierce compassion

and a deep commitment to be an embodied emissary of Divine Mother.


I love to create and hold

Sacred Space for Your Soul


so you can blossom and thrive, fully embody the Divine Spark of You

and live the empowered radiant life that you are meant to live!


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~ Soul Magic

I am happy to stay connected.


With the love and devotion of a heart radiating like a thousand suns,


Ulrike Sara Talisea


Ulrike Sara Talisea

Sacred Space for Your Soul


Contact: WombofJoy(at)yahoo.de

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