Inner Shakti Yoga Immersion

- Explore your inner Divinity -


Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. 

~ Martin Luther King


 The Inner Shakti Yoga Immersion is the heart of my work and is designed for both,  women and men:


 It is an exclusive 1-1 online mentoring program (via ZOOM or phone) and
my sacred offering that is uniquely adapted to your personal situation and includes:


❀  Free Discovery Session


A free 30 mins Discovery session that includes an interview with me. I will share with you some details about my background, how I work and which results you can expect when you work with me. My intention is to find out how I can serve you most. Before the session you will receive a questionnaire which you please fill out and send back to me at least 24 hours prior to our appointment.

Please email me to book your free Welcome Session now!



❀  Your individual Inner Shakti Yoga Immersion Process


This process includes a series of intuitive soul sessions uniquely adapted to your personal situation and aligned with your needs.


We look at the entireness of your situation and allow for a deep understanding to unfold. You will have insights and embodied experiences that penetrate and bring you to the core, that capture the essence of who you are and how you move in the world.


We will discover your unique way of expressing yourself - which is the result of being connected to your inner divinity.


Your relationships (with your beloved, family, friends and colleagues) will transform and thrive as you become more and more the one you truly are!


We meet the dark places within and bring our consciousness and light, allowing any shadows or trauma patterns to dissolve back into Love.


We will gently look at the root of the obstacles that keep you from thriving and powerfully release them.


This creates space for the true You to emerge - that which is already deep within you, waiting to be unleashed and embodied.

 We will create Sacred Space for Your Soul  to Be!


This deep Soul Work requires devotion, dedication, courage and self-love. And it needs time to rinse and repeat, to be digested and integrated.


We do not look for cheap solutions or quick deals - we want real transformation on every level of your Being: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically! This is why we will work together for a longer period of time in a series of sessions that we agree upon in advance, once we have met in a Welcome Session.

Sacred Sound will be our most revered companion on this deep journey of soul retrieval:

I am initiated into an ancient tantric technique of healing with Bija Mantras (primal sounds of creation). This is the most powerful tool of transformation! Healing with sound is the medicine of the future. You can immerse yourself into it already now.


You will also receive practices and assignments to explore in between the sessions, to allow for your insights and transformation to integrate and become a living reality in your everyday life.



Do you hear the call?


 Email me to book your free Discovery Session now!


Please let me know if you have any questions.


  My Sacred Tool Box  


~ Sacred safe Womb-Heart Space for your Soul


~ My Passion for Truth, Authenticity, Transparency and Integrity


~ My Devotion, Compassion, Wisdom and the Courage to challenge you


~ Shamanic Journeying


~ Visualisation


~ Meditation


~ Sacred Bodywork

(Body Prayers, Body Awareness Practices, Sacred Dance, Seiki Healing Touch)


~ Somatic Energy Release


~ Primal Emotional Processing

(Anger Release / Allowing Grief / Release of Fear)


~ Core Wound Healing & Childhood and Ancestral Wound Healing


~ Trauma Release

(Birth into Being & Limbic Imprint Recoding, EFT)


~ Healing of our Sacred Sexuality

(practices to awaken Shakti & Sexual Energy, Grail Gates Healing)


~ Sacred Relationship Healing


~ Womb & Hara Clearing

(of past relationships or attachments)


~ Sound Healing

(Primal Sounding, Womb & Hara Sound Healing, Drum,
Sound Healing with Shakti Seed Mantras)


~ Sacred Breathwork

(Solar-Lunar Breathing, Womb & Hara Breathing)



Email me to book your free Discovery Session now!


Please let me know if you have any questions.


I am so honored and grateful to walk by your side.


With Love and Blessings,


Ulrike Sara Talisea



Disclaimer: My Mentoring Online Sessions do not constitute a replacement for consultation and treatment with a qualified medical doctor or mental health worker. If you are experiencing serious medical or psychological issues always consult with a trained professional first and always update them on your progress.


Ulrike Sara Talisea

Sacred Space for Your Soul


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