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When an embodied woman is present, the sky opens.

 ~Zola Dubnikova


My name is Ulrike Sara Talisea. I am a Soul Midwife, Womb & Yoni Healer and Tantric Womb Priestess with fierce compassion and deep integrity.


My passion is to create sacred, safe womb-heart space for transitions, supporting you to birth your true Self in its unique expression. Sacred Relationship is my sacrament and my calling is to heal the feminine 'Gate into the World' (the Yoni) and to initiate and support the Masculine on his way home to the Great Mother.


I have intensely studied the secret feminine teachings of the Tree of Life and Womb Mysteries. From this place of deep inner wisdom I have created my magical offerings for you:

Inner Maiden & Menarche Healing, Cyclic Wisdom, Emotional and Sexual Healing, Womb Healing & Clearing,
Energy Healing Transmissions as well as in person Retreats (Sound Healing Circles, Red Tents, Shamanic Grief Ceremonies, Womb & Hara Awakening Retreats and Facilitator Intensives).



I heartfeltly offer exclusive 1-1 Online Mentoring.


You can book me for in person Retreats and Workshops worldwide.

Here you find my group online offerings.


You are also welcome to receive your distant Energy Healing Transmission
or participate
in spirit in my Sacred Fire Cermonies



Please contact me if you have any questions:


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More about me

I serve the descending flow, the embodiment of spirit. My life and work is dedicated to the exploration of how we can consciously conceive, receive and embody the Divine. How can it land here fully? How does that work? How can it become an earthly expression?


How do we become realized in our body temple?


Nothing is more beautiful to me than experiencing in myself and others when essence, soul, spirit lands in this dimension, in the body, in this world - fully here, fully present, fully embodied, uniquely expressed through each one of us. Here is to ground and activate all the sparkling stardust, so we can weave magic in this realm, connected to all other realms!


Since early age I have been a loving and caring being, thoughtful and respectful of others. I always sought to bring balance and harmony between humans, nature and animals. Intuitively I knew how important it is, that everyone's needs are taken care of and that everyone feels appreciated, seen and has a sense of belonging, connection and 'you matter'.


Only if every single part of a system is honored, can the whole system thrive.


I am passionate about embodiment and tools that help us to be fully embodied, such as loving touch, breathwork, sacred dance and sound, Yin Yoga, being connected with our feeling world, enjoying delicious and nourishing food, being in nature, making love...


There is nothing more beautiful than being really in the body, welcoming every feeling and body sensation, accepting this raw naked experience without interference or interpretation, fully experiencing the present moment.


About my journey


I studied Business Management and economics and specialised in the tourism branch, working for a Tour Operator for more than 12 years. Since 1987 I have been passionately traveling all over the word, visiting countries on every continent, soaking in the wisdom and the beauty of other cultures.


Since a major initiation in 1997, I felt a shift inside of me, knowing there is 'more', there is something else waiting to be explored and lived. I was still employed at that time, but spent every weekend and holiday to learn new things I was interested in: Massage, Astrology, Yoga, Feminine Beauty & Wellness Rituals, immersed myself in an Ayurveda Nutrition Training.


I have been studying the Feminine Ways of Healing ever since: Awareness, Breathwork, Massage & Sacred Bodywork, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Tantra, Natural Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing, Doula Work, Conscious heartfelt Communication, Conscious Conception / Pregnancy / Birth / Menstruation / Sexuality / Death, Emotional Healing Work (Core Wound Healing of Birth and early Childhood Trauma, Ancestral Healing), Healing of the Inner Maiden, Womb & Hara Awakening Work, Sound Healing, Sacred Relationship and so much more.


I became self employed in 2004 and started to work as Ayurveda Therapist for Massage & Nutrition, Natural Childbirth Educator and Doula. Since 2010 I teach workshops in German and English all over Europe (Shamanic Rebirth Workshops, Healing the Inner Maiden Retreats, Red Tent Retreats, Womb & Hara Awakening Intensives, Shamanic Grief Rituals and Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel Journeys). Since 2013 I offer regular Healing Circles, Temple Groups for women and Red Tent Gatherings. Since 2017 I also facilitate Womb & Hara Awakening Facilitator and Sacred Sound Healing Retreats.


As above, so below - as within, so without


It's my honor and joy to walk by your side and be your mirror as we walk the Path of Love together!


Love and Blessings,


Ulrike Sara Talisea

Ulrike Sara Talisea

Sacred Space for Your Soul


Contact: WombofJoy(at)yahoo.de

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