In Person Retreats



Let us surround ourselves with beauty... Pure beauty...

It brings joy in our life, harmony in our soul,

and peace in our heart.

 ~ Lucie Fransen



I facilitate gatherings for people who long to live in deep connection


with all living beings, with themselves, with nature,

with their children and beloveds,

with friends and colleagues

with everything.


  • We co-create a safe space together where you are welcome just as you are, so you can open to your inner freedom, clarity and authenticity.

  • We practice to communicate sincerely from the heart - with or without words - showing authentically up in our strengths and weaknesses and needs.

  • We explore how to cultivate real connection, freedom and beauty with ourselves and others and the world.

  • We explore the sacred Shakti Sounds (Bija Mantras) and how they can help us heal and restore ourselves to our pristine divinity.

This is a deep process of a remembrance of and reconnection to the web of life where the interconnectedness of all beings can be felt and experienced again, a space where this is visible and practical.


It becomes again our living reality!



 All Workshops and Retreats are based on the Principles of the Feminine Ways of Healing – a Spiral Journey consisting of 3 steps

(plus rinse and repeat in spirals)


They are faciliated in co-creation with at least one other facilitator!


1. We immerse ourselves deeply into our body sensations and feeling dimensions, excavating, feeling and releasing any obstacles or traumas (deep shadow work)


2. This creates space for the new life (your true essence) to emerge and blossom.  Your true essence will also be activated by toning sacred Shakti Sounds (ancient tantric technique)


3. Deep integration on every level is an essential part of this healing process, allowing the transformation to become your lived reality.



Calendar 2023

Photos: Marcela Macias Photography


Currently no English speaking Retreats are scheduled.


Please visit again later


organize and host a workshop for me!


For Retreats and Workshops with me in German please visit:  Das Rote Zelt



You want to organize and host a Workshop or Retreat for me?


I am happy to travel to your place!


Please choose your workshop:


❀Sound Healing & Inner Shakti Yoga Retreat

❀ Womb & Hara Awakening Retreat

❀ Shamanic Grief Ceremony

❀ Dragon Shakti Awakening
(Journey through the Feminine Medicine Wheel)

❀ Inner Maiden Retreat (Healing Menarche)

❀ Red Tent Activation


Contact me for details if you are interested!


Love and Blessings,


Ulrike Sara Talisea


Ulrike Sara Talisea

Sacred Space for Your Soul


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