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Are you CALLED to the transformational PATH OF SHAKTI ?


Then the Path of the Living Goddess Tradition and Inner Shakti Yoga is for you.

It's a path for both, women and men.


Men benefit from this too as they have an energetic womb space that eastern spiritual traditions call 'Hara'. 

It's their creative power center. 



You will ‘come alive’ and awaken your creative Shakti Power and embody the beauty of your Soul, connecting it to the Power of your Womb and the Loving Wisdom of your Heart to become a Grail Light of the World.


IT IS TIME to birth the magical potential inside you!


When women awaken their wombs, the world will awaken.


Every Awakened Womb and Hara has its own unique Sacred Signature – your contribution to the Divine Weaving of this work is incredibly valuable.

Womb & Hara Awakening births the richness of your inner beauty and spiritual treasures, which live deep within you. You will journey along the inner shamanic dream paths for a powerful and magical journey of profound soul transformation and feminine awakening - to shine your light into the world.


It is the return to the Holy of Holies that lives deep inside of us - our spiritual Womb, where we conceive, gestate and rebirth ourselves back into the Web of Life and the unified field of Love. Modern-day Womb Priestesses are following the Red Thread of a sacred lineage that weaves back thousands of years, to once again embody the creative powers of the feminine principle in service to life.


Men and those in Sacred Union are welcome too as Womb Awakening is a journey that fully includes, embraces and unites the feminine and masculine.

(~ The Fountain of Life)

Traditionally this work was taught by Beloveds living in Sacred Union together.
We need our beloved men to take this sacred journey of Womb Awakening together with us, inviting them to be the 'Gardener of the Womb', those who tend this beautiful garden that is full of potential and magical possibilities and from which a New Earth will be birthed!


The Goddess is a living, pulsing vibration within your own body and soul: A Magic Doorway is opening in our world. A new feminine revolution is birthing in women and men. Have you heard the Call?


Ulrike has trained with The Fountain of Life Mystery School since 2013, immersing herself in an in-depth Shamanic Journey of Womb Awakening. She finished 4 spirals of the Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship - together with a Womb Circle devoted to the Path of Love - and has assisted in 3 Fountain of Life Teacher Training Retreats with Seren and Azra Bertrand (Fountain of Life Founders) and has also been part of various Womb Pilgrimages offered by them. She has been a Fountain of Life Senior Teacher and Mentor for 4 years and Head Facilitator for the Apprenticeship Circle for 2 years. She is dedicated to share the womb wisdom with the world, serving as a Womb Awakening Teacher, Facilitator and Mentor.

She now continues her deep soul journey on the traditional Tantric Shakti Path of the Living Goddess Tradition
with her beloved teacher Shri Param Eswaran who initiates her into Healing with the original sounds of creation (primal seed mantras called Bijas).


The following Online Courses are offered:


Inner Shakti Yoga & Sound Healing Circle (online)


more information here!



Ignite your light now and be part of the magic!


I am looking forward to welcoming you on board!


With love,


Ulrike Sara Talisea



Disclaimer: My Mentoring Online Sessions do not constitute a replacement for consultation and treatment with a qualified medical doctor or mental health worker. If you are experiencing serious medical or psychological issues always consult with a trained professional first and always update them on your progress.


Ulrike Sara Talisea

Sacred Space for Your Soul


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