Inner Shakti Yoga

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Explore your Inner Divinity & activate your Feminine Radiance

with the ancient Shakti Sounds of the Womb

This is a sacred offering in the tradition of ParaTan Inner Shakti Yoga - with gratitude to my teacher Shri Param Eswaran, the Founder of ParaTan.


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"The Yoni of a woman is the Gateway to the Universal Yoni. She is protected as she shares the power and energies of the Universal Yoni. Unconscious use or abuse of the Vagina for the sake of physical pleasure weakens the Yoni and thus the whole woman."               ~ Shri Param Eswaran, Founder of ParaTan Inner Shakti Yoga



Are you motivated to change your life -

knowing that you are a Divine Feminine being?


Your journey is to turn from being just a 'biological' woman into becoming a Divine Woman.

The purpose of our birth as females is a lot more important than we all realize: Every female born is a symbol of creation. We are a custodian of the womb. And this means that we are also a custodian for Mother Earth!


How much have you done for Mother Earth?

Do you want to do more for her, more for your community, for your own family and for yourself at the same time?




I am going through a complete transmutation

"It‘s so healing for me to express myself here and be seen in my process. I feel am getting to the root of the problem as I work with my inner feminine and masculine energies. So many things I finally understand and now they start to shift profoundly! It‘s intense – I really feel I am going through a complete transmutation.  Thank you so much, M."


Deeply relaxing & energizing at the same time!

"Thank you Ulrike! Your passion about the Sacred Sounds is absolutely contagious! It was wonderful and very powerful. The effect of every sound is so different. The sounds really lead me to a deep relaxation and letting go – yet I feel completely energized at the same time. I feel motivated to dive in more deeply. Thank you so much. M."



Are you longing to find balance within and without?


Do you desire to be the Divine Being that you were created to be?

Then the path of Inner Shakti Yoga is for you!


Being just a biological woman will never give you any stability.

Being just a biological woman goes against the nature of your very being.


Bring your womb and yoni back into a state of Divine Power and Bliss - so that you can become the powerful and wise creatrix you are meant to be.


Inner Shakti Yoga uses sounds (mantras) to activate your inner divinity. Mantras are Divine Language, the language of the Gods. They bring you back to your original innocence - a state of purity that is your birthright.


Learn how to use mantras in the right frequency and how to bring them into the right place in your body where healing needs to happen.


This is a quick, easy, and natural technique to clean out the toxins and poisons that have collected in the organs and the whole body from all those years of pain, trauma or just negative relationships with yourself and others. Sound has been used for centuries to cleanse the organs and reprogram the DNA.


You need to be truly devoted to the Divine and have the passion to do daily Sound Sadhana (Spiritual Sound Practice): Surrender to the Sacred Sounds and allow them to balance and to harmonize your inner feminine and masculine energies.


When you connect with your Divine Feminine and have your Divine Masculine energy in place as well, life becomes beautiful and a joyful dance: Abundance and joy of life will come back to you - I promise!




I don't want to miss this anymore in my everyday life

"I experience the daily mantra practice as really powerful and I don‘t want to miss it anymore in my everyday life. In the beginning there was substantial resistance, but now it is a nourishing routine. Even my partner is joining me. We do the mantras together every morning and even his severe physical issues are getting better and better. It just feels so incredibly good! The energy in my head clears and I feel emotionally more balanced. My voice feels a lot better afterwards too. Big hug and thank you, CL."


Everything is shifting for the better

"Hi, I am totally flashed by all the mantras and their effect! No matter how I feel before I start speaking the mantras – after the mantra practice everything has shifted around for the better. What a gift! I am full of gratitude, C."



Do you experience trouble with your Womb or Yoni?


The work with the Sacred Shakti Sounds of the Womb is especially powerful and supportive for those who have trouble with their womb, ovaries or vagina (like for example but not limited to the experience of):


- menstrual disorders

- experience of sexual abuse

- miscarriage

- abortion

- vaginal dryness

- cysts, myoma, endometriosis and even cancer

- infertility or general problems with getting pregnant

- if you experienced some kind of birth trauma (own birth or giving birth)

- and so much more!


Now is the time to rejoice in your Feminine Radiance!

Get in touch if you have any questions.


About the special power of group sessions


When you have group sessions, the result it a lot more powerful than with a 1-1 session.

A group opens up a lot more because each person is expressing their experiences – so this  energy is in the space and everyone gets propelled by it. So look forward to a powerful experience!





Welcome - there is space for you. The Sacred Circle is awaiting you already.


Yoni Blessings,

Ulrike Sara Talisea

Ulrike Sara Talisea

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