Abortion - Sacred Healing Ceremony


Abortion ~ Sacred Healing Ceremony

Womb of Creation Energy Transmission


This is an audio-guided Shamanic Ceremony & long-distance energy transmission in your own home, to release any remaining grief from abortion, and to open your Womb to a deep space of healing, whilst you are energetically held in a loving Womb Circle.


The Womb is a sacred space that embraces ALL experiences, and holds every imprint of our deepest grief. When we do not fully express and deeply explore this grief, in the container of love and forgiveness, we lose part of our self. Our connection to our life force, to the creative power of our Womb, diminishes and becomes blocked. When we open to this grief again, allowing it to be felt and held in innocence, our shakti and love can flow again – we can integrate even the most traumatic experience, bringing it into our hearts to receive love and acceptance.


The decision to have an abortion is one of the hardest choices a woman will ever make. Whatever the circumstances, a legacy of grief often remains deep inside the heart and Womb afterwards, which remains unspoken and unclaimed. 40% of women in the US have had abortions, and nearly a 3rd of all pregnancies worldwide are terminated. Yet the subject is clouded with guilt and shame, and is rarely shared or brought into the collective for healing.


This Ceremony creates a Womb Circle, a Sacred Shamanic Space for women to open to deep healing.


For some women, the decision to have an abortion is based on a conscious or unconscious feeling that physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually she is not truly safe or supported or ready to bring new life into this world. For others it is a conscious knowing that her soul is calling for something else. Prospective motherhood also brings up old wounds around the way we were mothered, past trauma and sexual and emotional abuse. Often the relationship in which the conception was seeded is in difficulty or is ending, so the experience of abortion is infused in the cauldron of these – and many more – very intense emotions.


This Sacred Healing Ceremony invites you to:


- Compassionately revisit the experience; to open your heart deeply

- Feel Divine Mother with you every step of the way, to release the Spirit of your baby in full love and consciousness

- Experience this moment held deep inside the Womb of Creation, where you are fully safe, supported and loved

- Gently lay to rest lingering grief, shame, guilt, or feelings held in unknown shadows

- Reclaim your Womb space and power, to allow the healing life force to fully flow again


You can also take this journey on behalf of your Ancestral Lineage, to heal wounds passed down from Wombs in your maternal line. If you are birthed through a mother who was holding unresolved abortion trauma, this can be passed down to you, calling for healing.


All registrations will be treated in strictest confidence.


The time has come to heal your heart and womb from any abortion trauma.


~ The Fountain of Life


Artist Credits:  Pamela Mathews


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