Earth -Yoni Blessing



The Yoni is a delicate flower,

and only the deepest sensitivity and tender touch

can hold her in the safety she needs to unwind and blossom again.

(The Fountain of Life)


Image: Miranda Gray

About the Yoni


The Yoni (Sanskrit for vagina and vulva) is a sacred shrine. She is a beautiful flower and a gateway through which energy from the Earth enters our body, the gateway through which life emerges, and through which we connect to the Earth. The Yoni links the outside world with the inner darkness and spiritual centre of our womb, and grounds us in the Earth. It is the physical shrine of the Divine Feminine in her aspect of young girl, adult woman, mature woman and elder woman. It is the entrance to the deep mystery of the soul and of life, and it is our connection to the Earth Mother and our ability to open and to fill with her energy.


Why receive an Earth-Yoni Blessing?

With so many women unsure in the modern world what it means to be female and ‘feminine’ we have become disconnected from our Yoni. We no longer see it as a beautiful symbol of femininity. Neither do we see it as a source of spiritual, sensual and sexual prayer, nor a source of female empowerment. With the Yoni alienated we have lost our connection to Divine Mother, to her sexuality, abundance, strength, creativity and love.


The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a beautiful gift of love from the Divine Mother to heal our Yoni, to return our Yoni to sacredness, and to reconnect us with the Earth Mother. In this simple blessing the Divine Mother returns to us, to heal the alienation and awaken her energy and presence in our lives.


What I do when I give the Blessing


When I give a distant Earth-Yoni Blessing, I open to the love of the Mother Goddess and allow her presence and energy to flow into the women that I bless and through her into our culture and society.


I simply ask to be a pure vessel for the Divine Feminine so that her presence and blessing can flow through me to you. You do the same: You simply ask to receive her presence and blessing, become open to receive, and then you relax knowing that she will give you what you ask for.

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a combination of a simple hand position, a prayer and an openness to receive and experience the divine feminine energy. I have received the Earth-Yoni-Initiation by Miranda Gray and am authorized to give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to other women.


The Earth-Yoni Blessing energy itself is free -  I charge only for my time.  There is no material being sent out - you just receive the blessing energy that I will send to you distantly.


How to prepare yourself:


❀  Choose a time convenient to you and let me know about the time chosen


❀  Create sacred safe space and your yoni altar: Choose symbols for the yoni, have a beautiful flower and light a candle


❀  You may like to have soft music playing in the background


❀  At this chosen time first sit in meditation for about 10 minutes, then receive the blessing for the next 15 minutes


❀  Please place your hands in the Yoni position, relax and be open to receive


Bring your hands into the Yoni position (see photograph).

If you have difficulty making the shape, just make sure that your thumbs and finger tips touch. Think of your hands making a heart-shape.



❀  At the end of the session please have something to eat and to drink to ground the energies


❀  Rest a moment or connect with nature



With love,

Ulrike Sara Shemaya

Ulrike Sara Talisea

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